Aficionados of the nomadic way of life, we craft and curate mobile spaces of all kinds for numerous purposes. Our services are centered around an assembly of segments and tools

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Concept is the Trojan horse of practicality

About us

In november 2015, Alban Karsten, Cyril de Menouillard and Ioannis Mouravas - who share a common background in sculpture as well as carpentry - decided to join forces and start the Assembly Hall. Gathered as the descendants of Janus, Assembly Hall focusses on penetrating both the fields of fine arts and applied arts, through the agency of nomadism.

Its practice is concentrated around three segments: Mobile Homes, Construction Trailers and Representations. These segments are versatile in the research of both fields, fine and applied. As a research apparatus a Toolbox of Potential Actions is used. Assembly Hall's Toolbox contains interior design, mobile interventions, curated shows with openings and a vast production of quotes.

Assembly Hall core


Communication Manager (CMO)

Alban Karsten noticed at an early age, while being a child model, how images strongly communicate. 'Those were my salad days', is one of the lofty phrases he uses when referring to that era as well as his favourite Spandau Ballet song. By the time he gathered enough strategic insights from the industry, he coasted to the start of this company that he sees as his trophy horse.

Cyril de

Technology Director (CTO)

Cyril de Menouillard, in whose opinion Frenchship will always emerge as a sacrificial economy, tries to focus on ambitious projects that reflect his spirit of conceptual technicality and his Hautes-Alpes lila colored "joie de vivre". By the age of 9, he built his first website. This was the ulterior motive that drove him to grasp the opportunity and become the CTO of the Assembly Hall.


Head of Information (CIO)

Ioannis Mouravas - sparked by the joyful and brimming celebrational welfare of the West, and at the same time carrying the heavy weight of the Great repayment guilt - decided to join forces with the Assembly Hall squad to become this broad-minded spirit of data and statistics within the field of information. In his spare time, he likes to watch the videos of Sven Nys on repeat.

Assembly Hall residents

Carolin Gießner - Made a bar once that had 15 x 10 x 0.9m dimensions and which was the biggest structure she put out there thusfar. Her all time favorite tool is the angle grinder. Caro is concerned with putting interior on wheels. She likes to put the tractor in the house and declare B to be A, so to say.

Clement Carat - Once threw a stone 45 meters into the town of Évry a after a non-stop installation of 47 hours that culminated into a one man dinner party where he roughly spent €120. He is the black plum type that keeps breaking PH2 driver bits, but underneath it all, there lives a man who is truly meticulous about his projects.


  • 3D rendering of a 1984 Airstream 310 with a camo paint job. (Artist Impression)

  • Assembly Hall x One Minutes.org, 2015

  • 3D rendering of the "bouwkeet" with a camo paint job. (Artist Impression)

Tiredness and passion should never collide into carpentry